Your reading impacted me in a big way, I had never had a reader coach me and be genuinely concerned with my life even after the call. I loved how you held me accountable for my actions and you truly shifted my perception of the situation I was in. You didn’t sugarcoat what was happening and you allowed me to see things and experiences things that I had not known before. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entering a mediumship and allowing me to fully experience my emotions.
— K.B. Healer, Entrepreneur, Mother

Perfect! That is how I would describe my coaching experience with Laura. You might think that is a pretty strong word but it fits my reality. I Came to Laura feeling frustrated about how to make a business of coaching. I was overwhelmed by all the advice and “shoulds” out there about the best way to be successful. I was unclear about what “I do” or “want to do”. I felt that I needed a label such as “life coach” but nothing seemed right. I knew I enjoyed talking to people and offering them a loving perspective to how they work through their unfulfilled desires.
Laura nurtured my intuitive nature. She supported me as I built confidence in exploring the discomfort of uncertainty. She offered the perfect invitations to accelerate my self-discovery. And, Laura was a loving mirror to reflect my journey enabling me to see many self-critical aspects of myself in a new and accepting way. So many aspects of my life moved forward in a healthy way. My co-dependent habits eased, my stress decreased, I stopped fighting against the flow, and I was not only clearer about how I wanted to live my life but I actually started living my life with more self-love. What’s not perfect about all of that?
— David Montgomery, Retired OB/GYN, Healer, Artist

You are so lovely and amazing, Laura, in so many ways. You coached me through a major life event and made such a profound difference for me. You are incredibly perceptive and intuitive... you see things with astonishing clarity and are one if the most authentic and lovely coach/therapist/facilitators I know.
— J.P. Coach, Intuitive, Entrepreneur

Just had an intuitive reading with Laura Greenberg ! It was so spot on. I felt so seen on how I prevent my creativity to burst. The judgement, my willingness to be #1, competitiveness etc. Like a lid stifling my creativity. And she saw it through an intuition reading she did just before the call. It was so neat and clear. And we talked about how to overcome that.
— Alexis Santin, Tennis Pro, Entrepreneur, Coach

Laura Greenberg’s skillful and compassionate approach to staff relationship coaching created a result of improved connections within our team, especially as her heartfelt leadership was instrumental in healing our grief over the recent loss of my partner to cancer. We were able to find a common, deep purpose within our individual lives that paralleled the Firm’s mission - and it was fun! Laura created a safe place to uncover ways we could work together more for mutual benefit and further our philosophy of fixing the problem, not the blame.
— Rolland Vasin, President, Vasin, Heyn & Company

Laura is a gifted intuitive and feminine leader. She has transformed her own life and helps others do the same. I’m impressed with how connected she is to her internal guidance and how she has supported me and others. She actually had a specific vision that she shared with me at the perfect time to confirm my own big dream and life path. It was so helpful and reassuring.
— Kate N., Equine-Assisted Life Coach & Founder of Synergy TV

You are spot on with intuitive hits, you are bold and direct in your feedback, you have an excellent arsenal of referrals and your reiki is powerful to receive. I am so grateful to have your service and support.
— Gwen D., Personal and Business Coach, Healer

Being in the presence of Laura is to remind oneself of the gift of intuition. Laura gently guides you to your intuitive truth and a place of peaceful knowing. I have also benefited from the Reiki Laura sent me by sleeping better after months of poor sleep. Thank you Laura and may your loving service continue to touch many more lives.
— Rachel Moore, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP