Laura’s journey began in Los Angeles.

Growing up she desperately sought to find out what she was supposed to do with her life. She moved to Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of 20 to pursue avoiding answering that question. While there, she worked in the corporate world for companies like Ernst & Young and Standard Life in Human Resources. She became a keen saleswoman as a Recruitment Consultant for an international recruitment company.
Laura was lured home to the ocean breeze of Santa Monica with an opportunity to become a Flight Attendant on private jets. She spent several years flying A-list celebrities and billionaire philanthropists around the globe in luxury style.
Laura’s life took a drastic turn when she ended up in the hospital on and off for several months in 2006. Unsure of what was going on, she dove deep into studying alternative healing modalities, spirituality, and anything she could get her hands on to get better. Overcoming addiction is a big part of her story which led to a deep connection to a higher power and being of service.
Slowly, but surely she got her health back but was forever transformed. She could not go back to a life without deep purpose. She knew she was here to help others do the same – discover who they truly are and help them share it with the world.

Laura became a Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner where she learned to harness life force energy to focus on specific areas targeted for deep healing and relaxation. She spent years at an integrative healing center where she mastered guiding patients through holistic healing sessions.

Coaching became her passion when she realized that one single session could be powerful enough to create impact in someone’s life. Laura began incorporating years of experience, endless workshops, her work with leaders in this community, and her Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology into each session creating lasting change that was needed in her clients lives. 

Laura’s clients include Academy award nominated actors, Executives in all industries, Producers, Entrepreneurs, Moms and Dads. She has worked with everyone from A-list celebrities and multi-billionaire philanthropists to entrepreneurs scraping by to follow their vision and bring it into reality.

Laura enjoys living with the ocean breeze of Santa Monica, CA with her husband, son, and bonus daughter. She loves cooking, traveling, kundalini, time with her soul sisters, and living a rich life filled with the whole range of the human experience.