Laura M. Greenberg



Business & Personal Development Coach


Welcome Home.

Our world, your world needs you to step up.

Luckily you don’t have to do it alone.


Laura's clients are busy entrepreneurs, business executives, working mothers & fathers, and people with a dream to make an impact in the world. Her intuitive approach to Business & Personal Coaching has led clients to redefine success & balance so they don’t feel like they’re swimming upstream.

Her clients CRAVE the loving honesty and bold insights created by the safe container of coaching. As in sports, the best athletes in the world have someone there to push them to the next level. You will get to live in a world of possibilities that are impossible for you to see on your own.

Whether you work in the corporate environment or for yourself, Laura supports you in achieving something bigger while remaining more peaceful. 

There is a level of discomfort you live with daily whether or not you realize it. You’re ready to do something about it in a way that creates lasting change in your life and impact in the life of those around you.

While results vary, depending on the effort and willingness YOU bring to working together, some specific results have included:

  • Making more money, increased profit in business, raising fees with confidence

  • Feeling more confident, peaceful, connected, loving, peaceful

  • Ability to trust in making decisions in all areas

  • Changing careers and/or promotions

  • Finding love

  • Navigating life with more ease and grace

  • Creating, producing and releasing a documentary, books, online programs

  • Spiritual growth and connection - this is a foundational tool that is used during coaching.

You have been searching.
You are in the right place.
Your time is now.
Welcome Home.



Laura provides deep insight into any person or situation in your life. She has the ability to see through your story to connect and give you powerful clarity on your life.


Success, leadership and growth started from the inside. Everything on the outside is a reflection of your interior life. Personal coaching is your one-way ticket to everything you wanted, which is generally just outside your comfort zone.

Group programs

Imagine being supported individually and by a group? What could you achieve knowing that your dreams and visions are held by an entire group of people dedicated to supporting you in fulfilling them?